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  • The truck - T&D Chips
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    T&D Chips

    Address: Lisgar at Bank Hours: Lunch-ish on weekdays for sure. Otherwise…*shrug emoji* Website: Ha! Noooo Green factor: Styrofoam containers, plastic utensils; No garbage or recycling…

  • The truck - The Real McCoy
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    The Real McCoy Burger & Fries

    Address: 298 Preston St., Ottawa Hours: Website: All of the social medias Green factor: Styrofoam for poutine, paper-lined foil for burger, plastic utensils; recycling…

  • Patio - O-Frango
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    Address: 151 Laurier Ave, Ottawa (in behind in the parking lot) Hours: 12 – 7pm (Mon – Fri); 12 – 4pm (Sat); closed Sundays Website:…

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A Nova Scotian expat living in Ottawa, you’ll find Murray chasing down the best food trucks, Chinese food, and Halifax-style donairs in the capital, and waxing nostalgic about Pictou County pizza. In his spare time, he’ll be pickling vegetables or his liver, and using Simpsons references for every imaginable situation.