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Yummy Meat Pies

Address: 856 Bank St, Ottawa
Hours: 11am – 11pm (M – Thu), 2pm – 12am (F), 11am – 12am (Sat), 11am – 10pm (Sun)


When Yummy Meat Pies opened up in the Glebe earlier this year, I mistakenly thought that they specialized in the hearty, British-style pies that are meat-heavy and wrapped in pastry. I was impressively wrong.

The pies at YMP are of the Lebanese variety – served on flatbread, and with much lighter toppings and brighter flavours than the likes of the Cornish pasties or hand pies that I had been thinking of.

I stopped by Yummy while running some errands in the Glebe, wanting something easy and inexpensive, but not willing to succumb to the red-haired clown across the street. The pies are all incredibly affordable, with the prices ranging from $2.75 to $3.99. Knowing that I’d need a couple to be satiated, I ordered a meat and cheese ($3.75) and a zaatar ($2.75).

After getting heated through in the oven, you can top the pies how you wish with a handful of different veggies and sauces. I kept things simple with red onion and cucumber on both, garlic sauce on the meat and cheese, and tahini on the zaatar.

The pies - Yummy Meat Pies

The bread itself was great – lightly crisp and flaky, but didn’t crumble away like a cracker. The meat was a spread or pate, and had a nice earthy seasoning.

The zaatar had an herby freshness, while the tahini gave some savoury depth.

Pie close-up - Yummy Meat Pies

Chef Sammy is making some tasty bites at Yummy Meat Pies that helps to diversify the food scene in the Glebe nicely, and they’re a great alternative to the less healthy option with the golden arches.


  1. Unfortunately, this place has fallen victim to the pandemic and is going to be replaced by a bubble tea shop.
    Whatever else Chef Sammy does afterwards, I wish him all the best.


    • The bubble tea craze in Ottawa continues!
      YMP had a tough time with the construction next door affecting their visibility for a while, and then the pandemic seems to have been the nail in the coffin. Definitely wishing Chef Sammy all the best in the future as well.


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