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Kim’s Chip Wagon

Address: 1532 Lapierre Ave, Ottawa
Hours: 11am – 6pm (Mon – Sat)
Website: Oh god no
Green factor: Styrofoam container, garbage bin on site



I first noticed this chip wagon a couple of years ago when taking the bus to my sister’s place. It’s a bit off the beaten path, on a commercial/light industrial street just off Carling, slinging its deep fryer fare to workers in the area, and surely the occasional member of the CrossFit gym across the street.

When I finally tried them out recently, I had just donated blood at the nearby clinic and was looking to recharge and get my red blood cells back. I wasn’t feeling hungry enough for my usual chip wagon order – a cheeseburger and a small poutine – so I kept the combo as the classic cheeseburger and fries ($8.50). This isn’t to say I wasn’t tempted by the very small incremental cost to upgrade to a poutine – just $1 – but I resisted the siren song of cheap gravy and cheese curds.

Cheeseburger and fries - Kim's Chip Wagon

Chip wagon burgers are very hit or miss in Ottawa, so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up my container. The patty had a fantastic crust on it, one that would be impossible to get from a frozen patty. With a toasted bun and lightly melted cheese, the burger fundamentals were strong with this one.

I had ordered my cheeseburger with the works, although I should have nixed the ketchup. #TeamNoKetchup. The meat was a little over-worked or pre-salted though, and the texture suffered.

Cheeseburger - Kim's Chip Wagon

The fries were skinless, and even if they came out of a bag, were excellent. On the thicker side, and super crispy, they would have been a great base for a poutine, although I was glad to enjoy them in their natural state.

Kim’s might only be a humble chip wagon, but when they’re doing so many things right – and a lot better than their peers – it’s well worth taking the road less travelled to give them a try.

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