The truck - Le Snack Attack
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Le Snack Attack

Address: Corner of Nepean at Elgin, Ottawa
Hours: Unlisted, but standard chip wagon hours of 11am – 2pm on weekdays is a safe bet
Website: Haha nope
Green factor: Styrofoam for poutine, aluminum foil for burger, plastic utensils; no bins on site



When I was recently foiled by the inconsistency of restaurant hours during the pandemic, I knew one place I could definitely get some food at – a chip wagon.

Not long before this, I had noticed Le Snack Attack for the first time; the vibrant red of the new wrap on the truck is hard to miss. Located as it is right at the corner of Nepean and Elgin, it would normally be catering to a swarm of civil servants and tourists, but it was relatively quiet when I arrived for lunch.

Poutine - Le Snack Attack

The menu is entirely what you’d expect – fries and poutine, hotdogs, sausages and pogos, and burgers. They have a list of combos, and they had my standard measuring stick for chip wagons – a cheeseburger with a small poutine ($12.50, with a drink, taxes in) so ordering was easy.

Everything was cooked to order and I was soon on my way across Elgin to eat in the sun by the provincial courts building.

I started my meal with the poutine to try it before it got too soggy. Right off the bat, I saw that it was generously topped with St. Albert cheese curds. However, it wasn’t layered, so stirring was a bit awkward. While the fries would have benefitted from a little more time in the fryer to resist the gravy’s encroachment, it was generally a middle of the road poutine – nothing to get worked up about in favour of or against, just a respectable source of fries, cheese and gravy to cure your craving.

Cheeseburger - Le Snack Attack

My cheeseburger was along the same lines, quality-wise. The patty was from-frozen but wasn’t one of the bottom-of-the-barrel cheap ones, so it was passable, and a good sear from the grill and sauteed onions came to the rescue. I had requested “the works” for my toppings, and that seems to include hot peppers here, so while they came as a surprise, they weren’t overwhelming.

Le Snack Attack may not be recreating the wheel when it comes to chip wagon-fare, but when you’re in the area and a snack attack hits, they’ve got your fix.

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