The bright yellow trailer which is the home of Uncle Geoff's casse-croute
Food Trucks

Uncle Geoff’s

Address: 245 Chemin de Lac-Sainte-Marie, Lac-Sainte-Marie, QC
Website: Socials only – Facebook and Instagram
Green factor: Compostable containers, plastic forks; garbage and recycling bins on site



It’s not a trip to the Quebec side of the river without a stop at a casse-croûte, so while enjoying the cottage life in Lac Sainte Marie earlier this summer, I had to try Uncle Geoff’s.

This vibrantly yellow food truck is located on the main drag in LSM, in the parking lot of a motel undergoing renovations. The business’ namesake proprietor opened the truck this year after relocating to the area from Ottawa and he’s aiming to serve familiar casse-croûte fare, but with quality in mind. Their burgers are made fresh throughout the day from local beef and the fries are hand-cut.

I was pulled in by the allure of Kelly’s Hotdog, topped as it was with cheddar and bacon. My wife ordered the hamburger steak poutine, knowing that I’d help her out with it, but subbed in pickles for the onions.

After a short walk along the nearby lakeside boardwalk, we had our food in hand and sat at a nearby picnic table that was blessedly in the shade on a punishingly hot afternoon.

Kelly's Hotdog from Uncle Geoff's - a grilled hotdog, split in two and covered in melted cheddar cheese, with a big slice of bacon

I don’t know who Kelly is, but they know their hotdogs! The thick, juicy tube steak had a good char from the grill and the bacon was thick cut and ran the length of the whole hotdog. Topped off with gooey, melted cheddar, you know this was a winner. It looked so good when I picked it up, I forgot to put mustard on it!

Hamburger steak poutine from Uncle Geoff's - chopped up hamburger, pickles and cheese curds on top of fries and slathered in a dark brown gravy

As soon as I picked up my wife’s poutine, I knew it was going to be a hearty meal, because the container was hefty. It was jam-packed with crisp fries and tender chunks of a broken-up hamburger patty. The fresh cheese curds were evenly distributed throughout, and the rich, from-scratch gravy stood out from peers that use salty, pre-made mixes. The subbed-in pickles brought a tangy contrast to the rest of the dish and added to the overall cheeseburger vibe of the poutine.

Rural casse-croûtes can be hit or miss; they often get by on a lack of competition and waves of tourists/vacationers. However, Uncle Geoff’s is putting in the effort though and it shows. It would be well worth your time to stop by if you’re in the area.

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  1. I rented this guy my trailer for use! Helped him with items to start up. I’ve been chasing items belonging to my trailer for over a month now. No power cord, changed tanks out on me with out permission. Issues with paying rent. Definitely do not have any business dealings with Jeff. Absolutely a nightmare. I paid 120k for my trailer and Jeff returned it in a mess with missing items. Jeff refuses to return messages, calls.


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