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Anne’s Chip Stand

Address: 5135 ON-34, Vankleek Hill, ON
Hours: Closed for the 2022 season as of writing
Website: Facebook only
Green factor: Styrofoam container for poutine, paper sleeves for sandwiches; plastic utensils, garbage and recycling bins on site



Earlier this fall, my wife and I made a pit stop in Vankleek Hill while on our way to the Eastern Townships. We needed to refuel both the car and ourselves, and I had digitally scouted out Anne’s Chip Stand as our spot for a quick bite.

Located on the northern edge of town, the truck has a colourful, fast food-themed wrap that is oddly about 50% relish. Luckily, some other pops of colour help it stick out from its green surroundings!

Profile shot of Anne's Chip Stand food truck

Anne’s Relish Stand

The menu is mainly that of your standard chip wagon/stand, but it does have a few less commonly seen additions. This includes onion ring poutine, hamburger steak, deep fried pickles, and Anne’s Poutine, which comes with sausage, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms.

Bacon cheeseburger - Anne's Chip Stand

I went with a bacon cheeseburger ($6.85) while my wife opted for the chicken burger ($5.80). A medium Anne’s Poutine ($10.90) was added to the mix for us to share.

While it was a sunny day, a cool breeze kept us from using one of the nearby picnic tables and we opted to eat in the car.

My bacon cheeseburger had solid diner style-flavours, topped with the works (minus ketchup). The bacon was crisp, cheese melted, and the house-made patty had some char from the grill but wasn’t overcooked. The bun could have used more of a toasting, but that’s a pretty small quibble in an otherwise very good little burger.

The reason that my wife ordered the chicken burger was to have some food that wasn’t poutine and the best thing I can say about it is that it accomplished that.

Chicken burger - Anne's Chip Stand

This was definitely a food

The clear gold medal item that we got was Anne’s Poutine. It was stacked with big, plump, and fresh cheese curds, crisp fries, and great savoury flavours from the sausage and grilled veg that gave the poutine a very Italian vibe.

Anne's Poutine from Anne's Chip Stand - big, plump cheese curds covered in gravy, on top of fries, slices of sausage, and sauteed veggies

I was amused by the hilariously specific prices at Anne’s, but they also tell the story of an owner who respects and knows their clients. People in small, rural towns certainly aren’t known for being spendthrifts, but they are known for being loyal when you treat them well.

With those excellent prices and some respectable chip wagon fare, Anne’s Chip Stand was well-worth the stop in Vankleek Hill.

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