A Nova Scotian transplant blogging from central Ottawa, writing for Eat This Town has been a natural extension of my ever-growing interest in food and cooking since leaving the nest in small town Nova Scotia. With Yelp previously benefiting from my long-winded, detailed reviews, it’s time for me to hog the spotlight!

Growing up in Pictou County, I am of course a proponent of the area’s pizza, with its thick crust, Brother’s pepperoni and hefty layer of golden-brown cheese on top. Throw in some donairs (authentic Halifax-style, of course) and you’ve got a happy, sleepy guy.

I’ve taken an interest in the variety, creativity and flexibility that the food truck explosion has created, but I still love a high quality, sit-down meal at the best places my given locale has to offer. Whether it’s on wheels or a white table cloth, I just want good food.

Being in Ottawa now has provided me with a great opportunity to explore the above, as well as explore my Chinese half through the city’s small, but present, Chinatown. Being in a larger, more metropolitan city has also given me access to a broader mix of culinary diversity, which I look forward eating through, country by country.