Pong's Poutine food truck
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Pong’s Poutine

Address: 2079 Carp Rd, Carp, ON
Hours: 11am – 3:45pm (Mon – Tue, Sat – Sun), 11am – 4:45pm (Wed – Thu), 11am – 6:45pm (Fri); (Hours may vary during/after pandemic)
Website: Social media only, mainly their Facebook
Green factor: Compostable containers, plastic forks, garbage and recycling bins on site



This summer, I made an effort to finally get out to Ottawa-famous food truck, Pong’s Poutine, while out in the Stittsville area for a hike.

Located at the northern edge of Stittsville, just south of the 417, Pong’s is set up in the parking lot of Ritchie’s Feed and Seed.

Their regular menu is mostly standard chip wagon fare, but their daily specials mix things up with the likes of pad Thai, Thanksgiving poutine, satay chicken, and more! They’re really good at posting the specials on their Facebook page, so check that out before swinging by.

On the day we were there, a hot chicken sandwich was the deal of the day, so I went with that, while my wife got the cheeseburger combo, with the fries upgraded to a poutine. Before ordering, I really debated whether to get the hot chicken sandwich or not because the humidex at that time was in the 40°C range! Did I need a sandwich slathered in piping hot gravy? No. Did I still order it? Yes.

Hot chicken sandwich - Pong's Poutine

After a short wait in their sitting area with picnic tables and umbrellas, we soon had our hefty containers of food in hand.

My sandwich was just about everything you could want from a hot chicken sammy – a flavourful, generous portion of chicken gravy, lots of moist and tender chicken, and soft white bread to absorb all that gravy goodness. It’s also worth noting that Pong’s makes the effort to make a completely different gravy for the hot chicken sandwich, and didn’t just phone it in and use the same one that they have on their poutine. Pro moves!

The fries they use at Pong’s are cut thinner than most chip wagons, and wonderfully crisp. The portion of fries was quite plentiful. And at just $10 plus tax for all the above and a drink, it was a helluva deal too!

Cheeseburger at Pong's Poutine

My wife’s cheeseburger was very good compared to most chip wagons, especially those in the more central parts of the city, as Pong’s is making their own patties. No grey, meat-sponges here! It’s not a game changer, but it’s a solid burger.

The poutine was made with the same thin, crisp fries that came with my sandwich, and were topped with tons of cheese curds and a rich, dark-ish gravy. When you’ve got “poutine” right there in your business’ name, your poutine game’s gotta be on point, and Pong’s definitely is.

I can see why Pong’s is more than just a stop for workers and families in the area and has become a destination in its own right. With delicious food, huge portions, and prices that are almost absurdly low, Pong’s Poutine is doing everything right.

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