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Frenchie’s Super Fries

Address: 1145 Wellington St. W, Ottawa
Green factor: Compostable container for fries-only, but Styrofoam for burgers and poutine. Garbage and recycling bins on site.


In front of the RBC on Wellington at McCormick in Hintonburg, there’s a blue and yellow fixture of the neighbourhood: Frenchie’s Super Fries. I’ve walked by the colourful chip wagon many times, but it was only recently during the pandemic that I tried them out for the first time.

The menu is 90% standard chip wagon fare – fries, poutine, tubed meats of various forms, and burgers. The other 10% is comprised of a chicken burger, and a smart upselling option of being able to add bacon to anything for $2.

Since I had just finished some other food research (you can call stuffing your face “research” when it’s for your blog!), I didn’t have room for much, so I kept it to a small fries ($4.50).

I saw my fresh, hand-cut fries get dropped into the fryer, and I soon had my bag-o-fries in hand. Note that the “small” size is only relative to the other sizes available, and is a hefty dose of carbohydrates.

Frenchie’s fries were of medium thickness, comparable to in size to most chip wagons in the city, and were a lovely golden brown. The bigger fries had a pleasant contrast of the crisp exterior to a fluffy, potato-ey interior, while the smaller bites were 100% crunch. Were these fries “Super” with a capital “S”? Yes, yes they were!

Small fries - Frenchie's Super Fries

Frenchie’s fry game is officially on point

On my second visit, I had both more time and an emptier belly, so my order grew to a cheeseburger ($7) and a small poutine ($6.75). Frenchie asked if I wanted fried onions on my burger, and that was an easy “yes”. Being the pandemic, you don’t have free reign of a toppings bar, so my requested toppings were limited to mustard and mayo, since he was out of pickles.

After a few minutes, I had my food in hand, and settled in at a nearby bench for my meal.

My burger was a good size, although the patty was from-frozen and as such a bit dense in texture. It did have a good sear on it though, and ticked the boxes on other burger fundamentals as well, with a toasted bun and ooey-gooey melted cheese. It may not be the best chip wagon burger out there, but it’s not the worst either.

Cheeseburger - Frenchie's Super Fries

When your socks match your meal *chef’s kiss*

The poutine was generously topped with cheese curds, which had the requisite squeak, and a noticeable cheese flavour to them, which isn’t always the case. I’d place the gravy in the middle ground of gravy darkness in Ottawa, and I enjoyed its richness and even hand with the salt.

Small poutine - Frenchie's Super Fries

Trying not to get cheese and gravy on my pants

When it comes to fries, Frenchie’s Super Fries has definitely earned that “super”, and with his spot-on service, Frenchie’s more than earned that spotless Mustang Shelby that he has parked in front of the truck.

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